Map Of The World (Part 2) Lyrics

Jane Siberry

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Lyrics to Map Of The World (Part 2)
Map Of The World (Part 2) Video:
you mentioned La Pietathe dotted linethe holy flapping dresswhite legs carving darknessand you traced your thoughts on the tableclothas you were speakingso when you leftI grabbed the white and telling tableclothand I carried it out into the empty streetsand I laid it down to see what I could seeI led my horse along the latitudesacross the folds and into whiteand somehow along the waymy horse slid off sideways and was gone foreverI mourned and then forgot about itI resumed the linethe latitudes and longitudes are calling methey're stringing me out across the seas foreverthey say - da of the worldI run along the dotted lineand I grab my flapping dress - wheeeeand the global winds rush past meshouting - this is happinessa quick fling to the global edgethat spans the vast expanseto where the mountains meet like relay-runnersto where the snow caps do and the snow-fleurs tryI raise one arm up to the skyto touch a speck - an eagle fliesand a stick-figure on the other sidehe waves back to me...he said - da of the worlda stick-figure with briefcase and a business suit and tiehe walks across the perfect lawn(you mean the perfect-perfect-perfect lawn?)and he stands there at the footof the golden office towerhe says- "I must get to work todayI have to get inside somehow"but the golden office towerwas just a cliff the sun was setting onso he ran up along the cliff and was gone foreverhe said- da were with us when we heldour meetings at the edge of the plainsla pieta, broad topics like life and death(is dinner ready yet?)yes - it's a map of the worldI run along the dotted line beyond the mountain topspast the far-flung ice floes and the outlying tundraand I circle down to see what I can seeI can see ten men of the kremlinten pegs upon the plainsten men with stony facesfacing west where night erasesshadows in the placeswhere the faces of the kremlin used to bethey say - da of the world

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