Map Of The World (Part 1) Lyrics

Jane Siberry

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Lyrics to Map Of The World (Part 1)
Map Of The World (Part 1) Video:
waitwaitwaiting for the lightsto change that I maymove onmove onwaitwaitwaiting for the lightsto change that I mayomve onmove onstillstillthe pines that line the roadsighsay you havesay they havetimesay you havemuch moretimetimetimealso marbles in the clearingthat click and breaklike toy lightningon the pallet of the (gods)and the pines that surroundand make a humming soundas I fill my sac with glassand my steps divide the clearing in halfleaving a single strip in timea single strip in timeweightweightit floats nearbysilent --- staringcold bluecold eyesweightweightit floats nearbysad quotationssee-through fingersI only...I wanted...timefurther down the linefurther down the line

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