Lyrics to Mansion
Mansion Video:

Slowly I tumble along the forest into my Mansion
Over stick and over stone; the way of the erring man
Sucked from the outside, pushed from the inside, I continue my way
But all those children know the game, the play of the dust dry blood

Welcome to the Mansion of spoiling; the grasp is not well-known
My arteries gush before themselves; the door of decisions is calling me
In the dark room the infinitely emerging monster meets me, called Paranoia
I wished, I could kill myself with the key exhausted for a really fast death

The window throws shades of my losses; the last friend breathes clumsily any signs of life
The room is already occupied by emptiness and would not like to be left

A Mansion like a cage, stairs can be overwhelmed in the immortality not without any courage
Areas provided with isolation and hopelessness, through-eaten books, empty sides, cold weather spreads

Welding drops falling of the cover on the soil fight the nocturnal emerging monster
My heart is eaten by swallowing isolation, all the combat spirit burns to dust
The Mansion of the cold hopelesness; Do not escape is permitted flee and run
From the ocean of horror with entire power
Where is my real home?
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