Lyrics to Mannequin
Mannequin Video:
[Verse 1:]
Hey world I'm trapped in a personal hell, wipe sleep from the eyes, breath
Hard exhale, first Sid died, now Lindsay's gone, when the cancer smiles,
It kills my mom, these memoirs shake, will my hands still bleed? for
Goodness sake taste poetry, I can't stay lost all by my self, abandon
Hope, I need some help.

[Hook 1:]
When the mannequin shakes, I say good night, I'd drain my thoughts to save
Her life, waste all ink, then close my eyes, this is how I say good bye,
With the mannequin's eyes, I bite my lips, begging please for just one kiss,
A costumed life with just one twist, inflict my pain a masochist,

[Verse 2:]
Hey dad, I'm lost inside myself, cross fingers, surprise, new loss health,
The mannequins cross stayed crucified, a little waste of no self feeds
Parasites, my head still walks away from home, must eat the bread we
Ground from bones, burn all hearts and grind my teeth, a victim less
Crime, I play for keeps, hey girl please watch me set my traps, where love
Runs thick, let's hit the sack, I love all parts, back, legs and soul, when
Lips burn hot, please take control, she threatens me, what a poor excuse,
My mannequin hands start to stay confused, I want her eyes to stay with
Me, sweet geez I cried, lick apathy.

[Hook 2:]
Once upon a time, I lost my grins, the city lost hope, bless all of them,
Bless my love, can't feel my limbs, tease my heartless mannequin.(2x)

[Verse 3:]
I'm lost in depth, parade my soul, my ink takes life, we must let go,
I've cornered thoughts, and laced my tracks, opposable thumbs still
Handicapped, I love her eyes, shes way to cold, which tortures me, about
To blow, our hallow tips are blown, pushed back, our lust got burned in
Caderax, I'm way to happy, can't find my sleep, shut lids on strife, I'm
So ugly, all strings now break across my legs, my custom heads come out to
Play, these plastic screams melt skies outside, I'm so hot please spread
You're thighs, touch me now or watch me die, I'm a hopeless alibi.

[Hook 1]

[Verse 4:]
Let's make art, say hush to love, than ball up fists, we push and shove,
Sign off hate, then eat my words, why chase fate it's so absurd, these
Mannequin arms can barley swing, the clots to big, please sell off dreams,
Hold all debut, we must pretend, show no teeth to all my friends,
Let's make lies, and write all the books, we blow off limbs and cross the
Crooks, the heads to big to fend for self, the mannequins grief is all I
Felt, my heart feel hard, I barley move, I've drawn on pain, lost
I've lost all hope, my breath is cold, a timely end, god bless my soul.

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2]
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