Lyrics to Mankind 101
Mankind 101 Video:
I never thought I'd live to see the day, when the world would finally rot
And every day I cling to what I know
What I learned, not what I was taught

To see the sickness inside
You must go deeper than the skin
The evil in this world is not on the outside its within

Keep it in the dark
Humans are born violent
Keep it silent
Humans are natural born tyrants

The brainwashed are civil
Evil is an instinct
The blessing of our ignorance provides the only innocent

The so called innocent

Your innocence is weak, petty and cheap
You've got plenty of flaws embedded deeper than skin deep
Deeper than skin deep

The sickness is spreading
Through lack of wisdom
You've got men, women, children
All plugged into the system
Learning materialism
Through television
When every penny they spend
Goes towards killing and more killing
They're all fucked in the head
We're all fucked in the head
There wont be peace until everyone's dead

The sickness in you
The sickness in me
The sickness inside
All humans are flawed
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