Lyrics to Manipulate
Manipulate Video:
I've been biting my tongue. The line has been crossed and now there is hell to pay
Enough is enough. The truth's coming out if you like it or not

Manipulate: it's the way you paint yourself into a saint
You're so consumed in your righteousness, but I can see through

I'll never be the one wasting life on futures I can't see. I can do this one on my own
Don't take this personal
You'll never see the shallow visions of the one you hoped I'd be
What's it like to feel alone?
Don't take this personal

You've lost your dignity
You've ruined your chances, so wipe that smirk off your face,
‘Cause it's already too late
You've already found a friend of mine to...

I've wasted so much of my life on you,
And I'm sick of fixing parts of myself that I have never found fault in
Do you have any idea what it's like to watch the person you love become everything you hate?
I've seen that you're senseless, pathetic and wretched
Remorse is a lesson, so sit down; I'll teach you regret

So when he's all that's left,
I hope you give him your best, before he leaves you a wreck
You have my blessing to fuck who you want, a fuck I give not

(Gracias a sebasthian por esta letra)
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