Lyrics to Manifest
Manifest Video:
Storm rising, rising up in me
Storm rising, rising up in me
Woman take cover but you never gonna get away from under me

Got thunder, got lightning in my bones
Gonna take to the sky, to the wind and roam
Storm rising, rising up inside
Woman can run - woman, you can't hide

You can fly from the eagle, you can run from the snake
From the bull, from the bear, but you gonna meet your fate
In the form of a shepherd, on the wings of a dove
You can run home to your man, but I know he won't be the one you love
Storm rising, rising up inside, woman you can't hide - no, no

I will see through your disguise, get you out on the run
take you on my back if it's the one way you'll come
and woman you're coming anywhere i take you
woman you won't scream until I make you

Gonna rain down on you golden sweat
Gonna drip sweet nectar on your prisoner lips
Cover you woman from head to toe
No letting up, no letting go
Storm breaking - breaking on the ground, gonna break you down - break it down!

So you tasted the thunder, you tasted the rain
Woman got no respect, woman got no shame
he thought you were good enough to weather the storm
but that lightning you carrying won't never be yours
storm water flooding - gonna wash it away, woman you gonna pay

you better bundle it up, hide it under the ground
you know that's where it's going anyway when I track it down
woman you ain't no queen - gonna break your crown
go on and cry, baby, cry - soon you won't make a sound

no, heaven won't help you now

lightning strikes twice, gonna strike you again - mortal woman, did you know that
lightning will strike twice, gonna strike you again
you hear this message, woman to woman: you can never win
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