Lyrics to Mane
Mane Video:
[Kool Keith]
Yeah, when I drop the cross
When I show you the boss
When I show you the off
M.A.N.E., spells mane

[Kool Keith]
You know the bass is out, you comin thick mane
I'm droppin words on beats, they comin sick mane
That little cadence you use, that ain't shit mane
Long-face or not, you be a big mane
Sweet on my feet, flow like Sugar Shane
You never get up the hill, to the Hall of Fame
E-40 my man, he did "Tha Hall of Game"
Girls walk the stage, while the speakers bang
Pretty titties that hang, when you droppin them thangs
Non-stop rocka rocka rocka
When I get up and spot her

[Chorus: Kool Keith]
M.A.N.E., spells mane - Yeah that's me, don't forget it
F.A.M.E., spells fame - Whatever it takes, yo I'ma get it
G.A.M.E., spells game - Since it started, I've been in it
M.A.N.E., spells mane - The way I start it, I'ma finish

[Kool Keith]
Peter Piper picked pickles, and Keith rocked rhymes
Move around, get away, you need to split mane
You can't spit mane, make it tick mane
Still I flip a brain, in the powerful lane
Like a powerful train, you can't handle my pain
I put a stain on your name leave you out in the rain
Let my foes remain, like a key yo
Stuck to a keychain
Matinee, I'm the lord of rings
Chang-a-lang-a-lang-a-lang, bobbala-bang-bang
Shockin the waves, rockin them days
Sparkin them pays, yo
B's, turn to C's, turn to B's
A+ turn to A's


[Kool Keith]
I'm down to slick slang, girls check yo' phone rang
Smooth as oodles of noodles and chow mein
If you go out late, I'll hang
And sweat like jheri curls on Pootie Tang
Don't get jealous, stop messin with Pootie mane
I'm out here with sharp eyes and a booty aim
Watchin the booty frame
That blouse show nipples, got me insane
Fire that burn, leave you in flame
2000 iron freight train
Little mane or big mane
Who drive a rig mane, light up a cig mane
Quarter to eight, mane, don't be late mane

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