Lyrics to Man Smart
Man Smart Video:
Woman. Woman, so smart. Woman. Woman, so smart. Things are never what they seems, you go through life dreaming to drive you on. Love and tears, laughter, fears, all those years to find out what's right or wrong. So dear boy don't tell me lies 'cos to those tricks you know I'm so wise. If you cannot treat me right, leave me now to lead my own life. [chorus 2] Man smart, but woman smarter baby, so don't mess this girl around. Man smart, but woman, woman smarter baby! so don't mess this girl around. Don't you mess me around... Mmmm. Seasons pass and times they change. And you could be a phase that I'm going through. All our thoughts and all our deeds, you must share to prove that your love is true. Come on show me face to face or watch your love sink without trace. Can you change my life for me? Show me boy or you are history!

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