Lyrics to Man In The Tree
Man In The Tree Video:
"Man In The Tree"By Tom RappThe man in the tree is staring at meAll of the blood dripping downHe says: where are you bound?Said: I'm going to town to pawn my crownAnd never come back here againMy lady in waiting is weaving a robeOf silk and moonlight and nowAnd she never asks howSo pleasant a task she never asksAnd she only listens to friendsThe man at the store he looks at my crownListens to my sad taleHe says it never failsIf the crown is for sale, I'll give you some nailsBut you can only use them on friendsTh eman in the tree was staring at meAs I passed by again on that dayHe said I'd got in his waySaid: nails aren't the way to be free to staySo I traded them all for the endWent back to my lady in waiting and all of her friends

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