Lyrics to Man Always Forgets
Man Always Forgets Video:
Like a crushing stone,
ripples the surface,
of a silent water pond

Like burning flames,
caress the skin,
of those who spend eternity,
in their own imaginary hell

Like roses perish,
and perpetualy fall,
from time in constant motion

Man always forgets,
that it is governed and separated,
by the same axioms that separate
the weak form is strong

The capable from the incompetent
The ingenious from the dumb
The brilliant from the foolish

This certitude never dies
This certitude never beckons
But forever lives on

'That is the law of Nature
Everything lives by this rule
and dies by this rule
Mankind is no exception
The only exception is that
Mankind believes to be beyond
this rule of natural selection,
and which ultimately will lead
to mankind's inevitable self-destruction'

Like blood streams,
from an open wrist,
of the resolute and suicidal

Like gleaming stars,
twinkle at dusk,
to silently dim and forever expire

Like rain falls,
from a clouded sky,
ending the drought
and the thirst below
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