Lyrics to Mamas Boy
Young Chop on the beat

See, mama, she raised her a savage
Went and took it if I didn't have it
See, I can do magic
I can get rid of my gun and still beat your ass like your daddy
We thirsty, we blitzin' like Madden
In traffic with full automatic
I'm clutchin' and speedin' while drivin'
Left hand on the wheel like I got it
Not hidin', how you could not find us?
Always muggin', so please do not mind us
It's the pills, it's fuckin' our minds up
When we flyin', we drip in designer
Don't look back, 12 stay behind us
Flashbacks of me in them lineups
No, I cannot go, I ain't no ho, put the pedal to the floor
My life a movie, we shootin'
You got a gun, but don't use it
The drugs we abuse it, I ain't abusive
Beat an opp bitch like she stupid
I'm chillin' at Ruth Chris, just me and my new bitch
You stressin' and goin' bald
Baby, you on that fu' shit
Pull over, I think that's him
Matter fact, gang, that's them
See the one with the fade, got a limp?
I thought he was dead, but fuck that shit
I want him, I want him, I want him
Pull up on 'em, up on 'em, up on 'em
I swear that boy is a goner
Tried to run, but I got up on 'em
Tried to run, but I got up on 'em
He need a new kidney, you donate?
My shoes by Gucci, you know it
You payin' that shit if you owe it
My mama's first born, I'm the oldest
Huh? What?
Bitch, I beat the body, I'm chosen