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Night Visions

Lyrics to Malcolm's Drama
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Story of a man, and a little guy....
Srange story of who, couldn't understand...
That he was no more....

Eyes of fear, Child of light
Mum didn't know about his secret....

Walking alone in the gothic city
He met a man all alone.....

He said : "Come with me I can help you guy!
Don't be afraid, I'm not the same doctor
What frightens you, we will fight and win!

I can see dead people!
Do you think I'm out of my mind?
Oh, please Malcom help me!

"A schizophrenic mind!"

What can I do? He's young and crazy too?
No medicine can cancel his visions!
My life is going down, my wife doesn't speak
I'll look for another doctor 'cause my life needs me!

Hey! Come here little guy
To tell me who I am
In this place where we are damned!
Come, the door is always open
Both our lifes are broken
Oh, tell me who I am!

Don't leave me alone, or I'll be lost
The only one who can help me is you!
Listen to me,oh you can see
Listen to the tapes they will give you the answer!

Malcom couldn't believe his ears
The guy was really right!
There is another dimension
And Malcom was in it!

Now his visions are clear to me
Now his visions I can see, like him
Try to help'em, these dead people
and you will have to fear no more!


My wife doesn't speak to me
Oh, now I see
Oh, it can't be
I'm already gone for the world!


Malcom didn't know...he was already gone...
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