Lyrics to Making Sense
Making Sense Video:
You'll never understand
How difficult is to communicate
Something that means the world to me
In only a few lines
How can I describe
The importance all this has placed on my life
When it's just some childish game
You can't wait to leave behind
It's all making sense
I can see this all for what it's worth
Our minds seem to be on different sides
Put in all my effort but it's something I can't reverse
How can I explain
The base of what I stand upon
When you've already placed the barriers in your head
I can never verbalize
And you won't see my perspective
The distance between the views
Grows greater everyday
Yeah, I've said my piece
I've taken one last look at what's inside
Tried to say so much without words
Taken a shot but left my pride
This moment only made
My words ring true
I set a standard for myself that I control
It stays with me no matter what I do
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