Lyrics to Makin' Music
Makin' Music Video:
Oooo Ah, Oooo Ah, Oooo Ah, Ahhh(Oooo Ah)

We Making Music In The Bedroom, Music In The Livingroom, Music In The Bathroom, When We Makin Love
Music In The Bedroom, Music In The Livingroom, Music In The Bathroom,When We Making Love

[Baby Blue:]
Baby Blue,

I Love Comin Home
You Blowin On Me Like A Saxophone
I'm Blowin On You Like A Trombone
You Play Ya Song When I Turn You On
Let Me Be Your Kit-Kat Good Gurl
Bend Over Gnst Ya Gurl
Got Ya Leg Strapped Around My Neck,Like A Guitar Hurtin Ya Girl
Bumpin In My Car At The Pod
You Can Get This Music Anywhere,
Even At Walmart
In The Parkin Lot, Even The Shoppin Cart
I Do Nasty Things When We In The Dark
We Steadily Bumpin, Hittin You With This Percussion
Bout To Make You Have A Concussion
Makin Music Is Really Really Something


Im So In Love With You , That Wat Music Does To You [Repeat]

Oooo Ah Oooo Ah Oooo Baby (Ahhh Babe)

We Makin From The Bed Squeakin Back And Forth
Sweet Music Girl You Tellin Me That You Want Some More
I Make You Seem Like A Choir Higher And Higher
I Put My Lips On Any Instrument That You Desire
I Wanna Hold Ya,
Just Squeeze Ya,
Dont Wanna Tease Ya,
Just Wanna Please Ya
We Got The Neighbors Sayin Keep The Music Down
But We Goin All Night,
So Enjoy The Sound

Slick'em Hound,
Let Me Pump Ya Pump Ya Up Louder Louder Like The Stereo
I Turn You On All Night
Like My Rode Radio
I Can Be Your Violin I Just Want To Stroke Ya Stroke Ya
You Tell Me Im Your Trumpet Just Lay Back And Let Me Row Ya Row Ya
I Wanna Put You In My My Arms, Beat That Thing How I Play My Drums
Ra-Ta-Tat-Tat To The Ta-Tat-Tat
Body Shakin In The Bed Like A Tambourine
Phone In My Ear Til You Fall Asleep
The Way We Bumpin And Grindin All Night To The Beat,You Remind Me Of My G

Your My Favorite Song, When I Turn You On
I Hear You All Night Long When I Turn You On


Oooo Ah Oooo Ah Oooo Babyy Babyy [Repeat Til End]
(Oooooo You Sound So Good Too Me,
Send Tingles Down My Spine Baby)

[Talkin: Til End]
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