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Split Enz

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Lyrics to Make Sense of It
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From deep within the forest
The heart of man still hollers
In the Congo where life began
Living proof of the master plan
When you're driving home from a day of work
And you stumble on some forgotten truth
Pounding down like a hammer through glass
If you could only make some sense of it, yeah
Don't lose your sense of humour
Boycott the guilty party
In the midst of human crisis
Goodwill triumphant rises

If you need a friend you can rely upon
Someone to help make some sense of it
If you shed a tear when the nightmare breaks
Just remember dreams go in opposites
You're holding on
Yeah you're holding on
Yes you're holding on to make sense of it
You realise you're not the only one
Who's trying to make some sense of it
When you're in the arms of the one you love
You can forget the daily push and shove
You need a friend you can rely upon
A bit of help to make sense of it
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