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Gundam Wing

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Lyrics to Make My Way- English
Make My Way- English Video:
At night the shining stardust

each with a different history

boring and unrelated philosophy

the days pass by

people's kindness

seeking a place to return to

reasons for being weak

so laugh at me

so hide away

sleeping behing an expressionless mask

revealing all my heart

so make my way

getting lost , getting hurt I go on

down the road to tomorrow

Everyone has thousands of sadness

each cry with a different tear

showing such selfish excuses

that era is ending

in order to live

if you want to become strong

weakness and old wounds

learn about yourself

so hide away

hidden away, the almost forgotten heart

inside these arms is starting to awaken

so make my way

losing the way, looking back, now

I wait for a new meeting
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