Lyrics to Make Money
Make Money Video:
1) the mr. logical miracle now you heard tha'called just the lyrical physical mad murderi got the ill phat rhymes like venomso bust my style read if you don't understand themi got the phattest beatz in your whole citymake my rhymes shitty cause my style ain't prettyi make noise with my boyz cause it's realpack up tha steel with the mass appealkill i put the boom in my room with my terrorthe illa is clever comes like the devil out themirrora clearer instrumental you can't beat itif you can't read you can't eat it lead it2) about the sweetest rhyme that you ever sayhey hey hey hoh heydo with my crew hit the stage to blow affectioni don't know what to do hit the rulaz in my actionillmatics back on the track you know i'm strokin'flowin over attac ksmokin you and what you talkin'broken open it's the illmatic mr.hit you with my fist ah knock out hasta la vistathe psychopathic illmatic got's to have itone for your mind two for the automaticdown with the s yes and the soundsystemyou try to diss them 3p is mad wisdom3)i sell my raps with the gaps and snaps to make adollarone for the cheese smokin' trees and make mc'shollercause i'm that bigger that pullin' that trigger up onthe microphoneanother joints blow'n soldier will be comin' homeend of the zone illmatic's free a new releasecan't get with these rest in peace forget thememoriespop pop with the glock nonstop i drop the shot theiron loungeyou better come listen son the pistol is my tonguejust like a gun i spread out from the crowddimensioni pay attention but no one's got the right directioni face the action with lmp yo that's my crewi got the clou cause no one's hurt the way i dochorus: hah make make money money ( 8 times )stop smiling fool ain't nothin'funny

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