Make Me A Billion Remix Lyrics

Tony Yayo

El Chapo

Lyrics to Make Me A Billion Remix
Make Me A Billion Remix Video:
[feat. Mike Knox & Problemz]

All the way from the uk
Beat butcher, strike on the boards
Beats right up we back at it again

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
Now tell me what's the street value of that coke
Now tell me what's the street value of that dope
2 tons is a billion, make me a billion

[Mike Knox:]
I'm a north philly boss
Cooking in the loft
I'm good with the sauce like alfredo when I toss
Shoe box of money, add anotha 20
Same clothes through the week looking all bummy
Dress up on friday, party till it's monday
My nike love me so he serve me every sunday
What you know about moving 10 in 1 day
Audi r8, down the back block
Flip the corner tilt my hat drop the soft top
I'm like carmello in new york when I got the rock
I break it down, and assist my niggas
I smile up close, and then I pull the trigger
I keep the gucci bag, that's my money bag
Anmd if you shopping for tags then you ain't got the cash
I'm talkin 5 star wolves and your chick dig my style she park behind the cool

[Chorus x2]

I said they watching me closely all seeing eye
The raw up in my palms make the beams rise
Zombie after zombie they be looking for a fix
Fiends like a&r's now they looking for them hits
You got fiction in your lines you ain't looking to legit
If you acting like you fly that could put you in some shit
Chill, it's too real around me, blood spill around me
But yet I keep it so cool catch a jux around me
Pennies in my pockets million dollar dreams
Destination success when I'm headin outta queens
Vegetarion mind all I think about is green
I'm mobbin with them malision nigga pardon my regime

[Chorus x]

[Tony Yayo:]
Ya wanna rumble with yay, haaa
Shit on the whole industry
4-10's a 44 on steriods
A.t.f we dumpin on them fed boys
A 16 of happiness and pain nigga
I'm never on the ashy shit again nigga
I play the centre field like willy maze
In the trenches reminiscin on them better days
Heavy chain pandora links
Got ya chick out of boosty fat ass that pussy pink
2 8 balls in my nike socks
Quarter million in my nike box fuck the cops

[Chorus x2]
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