Make Me A Billion Lyrics

Tony Yayo

GPG 3 - Mixtape

Lyrics to Make Me A Billion
Make Me A Billion Video:
All the way from the uk
Beat butcher, strike on the boards
Be strike light up, we back at it again
Og kush nigga

Now tell me what's the street value of that coke
Now tell me what's the street value of that dope
2 tons is a billion
Make me a billion

[Verse 1:]
You a leech, a worm that feeds off my blood
I fed all these broke niggaz now where the love
Dreesed up in my tom ford opera slipper
Cops want my 10 fingers on they back finder
The shit drop anchor, here come a big flip
Movie, a martin schozazy flick
Yup, I'm all over mc's
They got the gall to offend me
Maroon bentley, the face cut up
That's the 2-11 coupe the vents in the front
Bullets hit you you'll be shakin like a bobble head
Amazona piranhas biting at your leg
Spongebob colored mazi, with the squidward seats
Rappers need photo hops I got work in these streets
I'm hort, like black flight jackets in the winter
Spit the gemstar out turn your face to dinner

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Ya wanna rumble with yay, haaa
Shit on the whole industry
4-10's a 44 on steriods
A.t.f coming we dumpin on them fed boys
A 16 of happiness and pain nigga
I'm never on the ashy shit again nigga
I play the centre field like willy maze
In the trenches reminiscin on them better days
Heavy chain pandora links
Got ya chick out of boosty fat ass that pussy pink
2 8 balls in my nike socks
Quarter million in my nike box fuck the cops

[Chorus x2]
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