Make Believe Mambo (Orisa) Lyrics

David Byrne

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Lyrics to Make Believe Mambo (Orisa)
Make Believe Mambo (Orisa) Video:
It was a pretty pictureIt almost made me cryHe's got Big imaginationIt's better than real lifeHe can be a macho manAnd now he's a game show hostWell one minute hilarious comedianNow he's an undercover copSayOh - let the poor boy dreamOh - livin' make-believeSo how can we be strangersHe's got no personalityIt's just a clever imitationOf the people on TVA line for every situationHe's learnin' trivia and tricksHavin' sex and eatin' cerealWearin' jeans and smokin' cigarettes nowOh - let the poor boy dreamOh - livin' make-believeOh - let the poor boy dreamOh - livin' make-believeI can be you and you can be meIn my mundo, todo el mundoEveryone's happy and everyon'es freeTodo mundo, mundo mamboHere in my mundo where nothing is wrongTodo mundo, in my mundoI'm a lady and you are a manMundo mambo, todo el mundoOh - let the poor boy dreamOh - livin' make-believeIn my mundo, todo mundoMundo mambo, in my mundoTodo el mundo, mundo mamboMundo mambo, Todo mundoOh - let the poor boy dreamOh - livin' make-believeMundo mambo, todo el mundoIn my mundo, todo mundoTodo el mundo, mundo mamboIn my mundo, mundo mambo

Songwriters: BYRNE, DAVID
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