Lyrics to Make A Wish
Make A Wish Video:
Sing: [Speak]: [Girl, hear me out] Let's make a wish [I know you're scared] [I know nobody's ever treated you right] [And that's why I'm here] [I ain't leaving] [And I ain't letting you go] I know you're afraid That if you give me your heart I'll just throw it away But, oh girl That's not the case Cuz I will cherish your love Forever and always I know just how you feel Cuz I've been hurt before And I don't wanna hurt anymore I know it's gonna take some time to heal Oooo yes it will But we should try just one thing Before we close the door Let's make a wish And hope it comes true (Hope it'll come true) Let the power of love Keep shining through Let's make a wish That we hold the key To a dream that will last An eternity Ooooooo... I know that it's hard And finding the perfect one Is like reaching for A star Now true love has come To give us plenty of years Of big smiles and joyful tears Do you feel what I feel? Do you feel what I feel? Everytime you're close to me Do you feel what I feel? Girl, when you whisper my name I get a chill Co

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