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Chevelle Franklyn


Lyrics to Magnify His Name
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ohh nanana
ooh nanana
magnify his name
ooh nanana
ohh nanana
Give him all the praise*2

When I stand and I look to the sky,
Am not looking for birds am not looking for signs,
Am beholding the glory of God,
And the beauty created for you and for I,
And I know that God is love,
Coz we sure dont deserve what he's done for this earth,
He gives us the rain, the wind and the sky, the sun and the moon and the star light that shines, yes shines


Got to love Him with all of my heart,
my soul and my strength and with all of my mind,
Love my neighbor as I love my self to fulfill that command that is all I desire,
All things are possible if we only have faith,
if we only believe,
Walk in His ways,
the truth and the light,
Receive eternal life

Give Him praises, praises, praises
Give Him glory, glory glory,*4

Repeat verse 1

(Thanks to Anduvate Ray for these lyrics)
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