Lyrics to Magicredshoes
Magicredshoes Video:
It's nice to see you
wearing your magic red shoes.
They seem to fit your mood;
I want to fit in it too.

It's nice to see you
reflected on the face of my guitar.
Memories will take us far,
'least 'til you steal your parents car.

It's nice to see you
acting like you're just a little kid.
It's not 'cause of something you did,
it's just because of your silly grin.

It's nice to see you
on the very same page,
like when you wipe schmutz off my face.
It's done in a loving, loving way.

It's nice to see you
staring back at my face.
If we're both staring then it's ok.
Hopeless romance is the only way.
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