Lyrics to Magic Radio
Magic Radio Video:
I had a nasty day
I had to run around
I had a kind of breakdown

I was a kind of lazy
Turned my radio on
Then I heard something amazing

What a combination
That's a new sensation
Welcome to the magic station!

What an installation!
Hi-fi of a new generation
Such a potent remedy must be tried

There was somewhere on the way
Complication for the day
Couldn't have enough perfection
Bit of passion, more of action
Some simple concentration
Some focus some attention
Some real motivation
That's all!

It's hard to get perfection
What I want is more affection
Gimme simple motivation
I don't want an explanation
Nor a kind of demonstration

There's no way to know the name
Of this station on the air
Calling all those guys again
Pressing buttons everywhere
Driving mad to be on time
Help me do it on the day
Oh I need to find its name on air!
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