Lyrics to Maggots
Maggots Video:
So you got everything
that a man could ever need
down to all of the little things
the little people never see
but baby you can ask all who are dead
the small things make them sick
growing up in size, little maggots hide
until your eyes are dry

And then you know
You'll fall

It's always little things
you hit a toe and it turns black
it's always one of them little things
a broken nail and you get mad
but it's a high time you get used to it
more coming up your way
the thorn in your side is turning to a knife
maggots form a line

And then you know
You'll fall

When you were up you couldn't see
In how many pieces you could be

But now it's time for all the little ones
to take a bite of you to know
what the sweet life tastes like
'Cause for you it's all gone

And then you know
You'll fall
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