Lyrics to Magenta
I believe (Oh-oh-oh), everything that you doin' is make believe
I believe (Oh, I believe), everything that you doin' is make believe
I believe (Oh-oh-oh), if I nut up on her head, maybe it's Maybelline (Noah)

I might think that I might run a check (Oh, yeah)
[?] ([?], yeah)
Bitch, I ball like so hard, [?] (Oh, yeah)
When I shot from three, bitch, it's all net (Oh-oh-oh)
All those things you said you can't take back (Oh, yeah)
All these snakes around you, watch your back ([?], yeah)
They hate on me, I just sit back and laugh (Oh, yeah)
'Cause my hands turnin' green from all this cash (Yeah, yeah)
My pockets looks they got at least two elephants (Two elephants)
My neck got chain by the link and it look like a fence (Look like a fence)
If I pawn all my jewelry it pay president rent (Yeah, yeah)
And she gargling, yes, she love every inch

I think I'm in love with the check (Oh, I'm in love)
And the check love me and it's a blessing to me
I think I'm in love with the check (Oh, I'm in love)
And the check love me and it's a blessing to me (Welcome to the club)

Last I heard from you, you was gon' pop
I just called your label, they told me that you got dropped
No, that don't surprise me, boy, I knew that you a flop
I'm fuckin' his hoe and he at home fuckin' his sock
You talkin' 'bout some racks but they all make believe
Uh, she think she the shit but she ain't shit to me
Only time she ever bad is caked in Maybelline
Uh, uh, yeah, this music they can't take from me
When I walk in, know it's big bank on me (Ouu-ouu)
When I'm in the club, I'm like, fuck it, all drinks on me (Drinks on me)
That bitch pussy stank low-key (Ew)
Gotta push the foreign, no, I don't need no key
Yeah, your lady eyein' me and she wanna lay on me
Want me on your song? Then you must be payin' me
Slumped up off the lean, I don't know my ABCs
You ain't workin' hard, I know that you lazy
I'ma still have game in my 80s
I could not give a fuck 'bout a rating
Bad foreign bitch, she ate my babies

Yeah, I might run a check
[?] like that