Lyrics to Maelstrom
Maelstrom Video:
Every night I think these obscene things
Every night, I don't dream when I sleep.
Who am I? I've been stuck here for so long.
Who is left? I can't think of anyone.

Every lie was always just to make things right
Every lie was the start of every fight.
Who are you to tell me what I shouldn't say?
You can't change why I always feel this way

I've been drinking for a better tomorrow,
And I'm so scared I won't be sober,
Why do I feel?
I need a reason worth dying for.

Every girl was always just a change of heart
Every girl was meant to leave right from the start.
You and me will never become anything
Coz I'm in love with you, but you will never love me back.

I've been dreaming to come down
From this cloud nine of gloom
Why do I feel?
I need a reason.

I don't want this anymore.
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