Madrigal Love Part Two (Over Every Sea) Lyrics

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Lyrics to Madrigal Love Part Two (Over Every Sea)
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Nights fly away Just for moment get me up Easy girls turn to grey In their heaven's there's no God Walking down empty road Don't remember who you are Oh, an ordinary queen Just have to find the way to home Let me lose thed ream Just have to find my steps alone To go home Fly home! Night's jelly-fish Turns her starless face away Through the deadblack polish Appears the blood of bornin' day So I may see the land Embark today on silver shell I take no stock in dreams Two purple eagles draw the boat Over every sea An' all my members want to love All I want I want Lead me into love Cool fire Lead me over God Love-spire Walking over me On highway Over every sea I'll learn to love (Walking down empty road Don't remember who you are) Need neither nights Nor the sirens' nighty-mesh Nowhere place and no time In the cities of the flesh To hide away as the touch Just behind a secret's back You, ordinary queen My island is your pure face Carnal sirens scream But all my members interlace With you This is true Over every sea By eagles Walking on the sea Like Peter Ordinary queen No siren Ordinary queen She spoke to me

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