Lyrics to Madness
Madness Video:
be my force be my destinybe my leap of faith into the unknowni've never waited so patientlyand i never once have been so alonedown to size if i'm down on both kneesit's the way you torture it's the way you teaseso don't go i'm begging you pleasewho can stop this madnesswhat's the use in useless miserywhen your every wish is my commandyou give yourself away needlesslyit's the only way you understanda little booze and a sharp edgeand i'm stuck in the middle between life and deathyou make a right and then you make a left nowwho can stop this madnesslove me desperate or love me notbody and soul collidestraight ahead give it all that you've gotyou can't lose and you won't be deniedit's another kick and a blow to my prideit's head back arms open widebut you don't care what i feel insidewho can stop this madness© edwin ellis music.

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