Lyrics to Madang Panic Attack
Madang Panic Attack Video:
Stand up on the cliff's edge, watch the big waves crash
Walk on through the market place, counting all the stash
We hang in on the town streets mindlessly, mindlessly
Can you feel the trouble brewing?

I sit next to the business men, high up in clouds
If I wish for it hard enough the plane will crash on down
My head is turning somersaults this much is clear
To head back home is not an option

I've gone up the river
I've been straight to the source
The fever took the demons out
I've shaved my head, immersed in it
I've hung out with this cargo cult
I could have stayed for days
It almost seemed like common sense... til they prayed

I walked the track for 9 hours nearly reached the peak
I could not see for moody weather rain and mist and sleet
It's twice as high as any highlands I have seen before
This is where they bury them, this is where they fall

Over on the shore line, ten miles across the bay
They've set fire to the store, the church
They've set fire to the modern way
I feel all the betelnut dripping down my chin
This murkiness is preferable much to my chagrin

Reach beyond the shadow line, throw it in the air
See which way the pieces fall hoping for a little scare
There's a crack of lighting in the evening sky
Sit down by the river's edge let out a screaming cry
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