Macy Day Parade Lyrics

Michael Penn

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Lyrics to Macy Day Parade
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Macy day paradeSaw it on a stationIt is in the airThe floats are floatin' in itEverything's all rightYes everything is changedEverything you thought ofBut don't it look the sameWhe nyou bend down to itBend like giants filled with rumYou wanna see meFee Fo FumYou are traipsing through tonighta garden of delightBring the family upBring your friends and neighborsWhen they call, "Last call,"You look so contagiousAnd I would catch it allNeon signs of loveExotic girls retirePower's out tonightIt has blown a wireSo never mindYou never mightTill you cultivate an appetiteFor the only open hand to bitegarden of delightLet your hair hang lowLet the air surround youIf I lick your wound tonightWould you leave me or requiteHoney you are sure politeA garden of delight

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