Lyrics to Macho Maggot
Macho Maggot Video:
Says he cares about "wimmin"
but he's just a slimey creep.
He gives it this, he gives it that
He threatens people with a baseball bat.
When he get's in trouble he wants to be held back
We hear his lies with his sexist crap

Macho maggot...Gonna knock me to the ground,
Macho Maggot...'ere don't make a sound
Macho Maggot...parasite of the crowd
Macho Maggot...stop hanging around

He punches here, he punches there
Says "I'm an anarchist & I care"
What's the matter with you little boy
Has someone gone and broke your little toy?
Oh it's all just a game to you you
Only get off when they're black and blue

Oh look a girl's come to the gig
So wot stop giving her shit
You buy her drinks you buy her time
You just wanna say that she's mine
But you ain't even got a clue
Macho maggot she can't fucking stand you
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