Lyrics to Ma
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Ma *talking* this song, is dedicated to my mother..i love you chorus *mom talking* verse- as I sit and reminisce about you mother there aint no other that can take your place when I sleep at night I see your face visions of how it use to be just you and me for all those years i wish I coulda taken all your tears but now I got tears in my eyes, as I cry and think about the days gone by and wondering why i sit at your grave and think of all that you gave you made the best of me in all but I cant take it anymore when I was just a shorty way back in the day you did the best you could to keep me out of harms way i gotta say you did a good job you tought me wrong from right you had to work nights and even tought me how to fight just a poor single mom trying to make ends meet i would see you get used, abused, and even beat i was helpless in the next room hearing your cries i use to say, when I get big, I?ll beat up all these guys had some boyfriends come and go although I know you needed love but they wouldn?t treat you good, and I never understood for years I would see you in tears at the kitchen table paying the bills didn?t know if we were able to make it through another month, but we somehow did it times were tough although you would never admit it as I grew older you were there for advice you were so cool to talk to, I wouldn?t think twice.. chorus- verse- I know I took for granted the short time we had together wish I could talk to you now, I need more than ever people said that you?d be proud of the man I?ve become that I turned out so good considering where I came from but last time I checked, the character don?t pay the rent i work hard for a check then its already spent its like I?ll never get a hand and have the nice things in life sometimes I wish I could just call you up to ask for advice becuase you know I love this music, I?ve been rhyming for years i got an archives of songs that no one will ever hear the fear of failure, enough to keep me down so I don?t even try to pass my demo around its like im no one with nothing, im going nowhere i know you in a better place, sometimes I wanna go there its no fair you had to leave me when I needed you most all we had was eachother, that?s why we were so close and Ma, when ya left ya took a piece of my soul I had to learn the hard way how life is so cold but at least you prepared me back when I was young how to avoid peer pressure and the danger of drugs and because you were truthfull and you weren?t ashamed of the mistakes that you made, I?ll never do the same but I blame myself we didn?t spend more time together the pain of your loss is something I?ll suffer forever im sorry for your last days, how miserable I made it but I love you to this day, and you were appreciated i miss you mom, I love you. Chorus-

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