Lyrics to Luna's Sisters
Luna's Sisters Video:
A gate to acity of green marble light
never seen so pure elsewhen in life
it was the realm ivory dreamers hope...
and long for,
but the gate seem sealed now forever.

Luna the Goddess dethrone now for ages
a lightless night but the day's burn bright
thousands of eyes burned red by sun's fire
helpless the people like dumb little children.

Endless the number of those edad in their minds
counted the days of bouquetish ideas
in the end they became depressed and went mad
thus their emperors threw away their silky gloves.

Yelling fills the catacombs deep beneath earth's face
mother of all, do return and and free us from this agony
far went the plea, away above the sun and light,
where in darkness Luna's sisters dwell.

Immortal wells of life, creation, balancing forces
gliding to earth in silence,
then revenge the heiress of the night
they opened the mystical gate again and take over the throne,
guarded from now on by the great comet.
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