Lyrics to Lullabies
Lullabies Video:
Lay your head next to mine and we'll sleep one good sleep tonight.
fall asleep, love, to forget or to dream ... fall asleep to leave this world behind.

and i wish for you, friend, to lie down in peace and i wish for you always to know that as long as we'll dream under these stars in the sky that we've seen since the day we were born ...

... to move but don't move too fast for your dreams or your grandest of plans.

dream of nights of fireflies and skies so clear, so untouched. dream of a time, of a place for us to live, so free, so free.

just as quick as you can fall asleep.

i imagine this song being sung to a child sleeping out and looking up at the stars and realizing how large and incredible the world is. i used to get scared looking up at the stars at night because it was like looking at billions of other worlds ... it's easy to get so caught up in the gears of life (work, school, obligations, responsibilities) that we lost any sort of creative ambition or desire for ridiculous adventures, and so the only time we have to imagine is when we sleep. i originally had a line in the song that said "its so sad to only dream when you sleep," and i really think it's true. maybe if we allowed ourselves the time to take a step back and realize how wonderful our world can be (if we stop destroying it, that is) we could dream up all kinds of things for ourselves
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