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Lyrics to Ludacris Diss
Ludacris Diss Video:
Why don't you ever go away?

[Chorus A:]
We need to stop this shit
And relize what you spit
It's me and this garbage
Just shake some ass and tits
Don't act like your sick
And I'm gonna respect you
And leave Hip-Hop alone.
Go! - Promote wack rap!

[Verse 1:]
When I turn on the radio - I get nauseous
Annoy your commercial garbage,
And make sure I turn it off quick
You make me so sick, it's pointless to even diss.
But I do it for the lute and mp3 page his, I try to teach kids
But their steady rocking, eyes boping heads to Ludacris.
Swearing that he's nice! - Come on he sounds like the newest sensation
To get the party dancing - and fuckin' asses shakin'.
Making hits faking quick [? ] like music
I'll slap you with your own ryhme - oh, there's your greatest hit!
Lazy kids with dope beats, and alot of blabling
In reality you get beat like Eric [? ] battling
But it's not your fault completely!
I blame promoters to, hyping up your CD when they got 4 interludes!
Companes lute you - cause your making them lute
But when your one hit wares out - they'll drop you for good, your replaceable

[Chorus A]

[Verse 2:]
Pretend you like Hip-Hop! - That's a no-no!
Show your [? ] donate a Volvo
Oh, no! - That be to much to ask!
Actin like Alaskins with that rented ice you flash.
I'll come down to your street carrying burners
Now your block is hot! Hot like a heat contained thermis.
Your nerves now - I see your eyes twitching, doing [? ] to females
Coming out sounding like bitches retards spiting disses a bunch of carbincopyies.
You must of failed the road test, learning how to write beats
My street! - Only bumps but it's unreleashed.
Fuck self reclamed kings of Hip-Hop! - There all weak!
My ryhme shines brighter then any ice you rock
Ryhming in the hook 9 times [? ]
Lame ducks running on stage with make-up!
It's crazy to us! - Real MC's take and get big cuts! - Your finshed...

[Chorus A: x2]

[Chorus B:]
Stop this shit!
And relize what you spit!
It's me and this garbage
Just shake some ass and tits!
Don't act like your sick
You'll be out of fasion quick
Leave Hip-Hop alone
You annoying piece of shit!
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