Lyrics to Lucky Strike
Lucky Strike Video:
one day i was walkin'
carefree down the street
i was feelin' pretty sweaty
thats sayin' nothin' for my feet
then from out of nowhere
or so i thought
i was smashed against the sidewalk
and i knew it hurt a lot

oohs and aahs

i knew it hurt a lot
but i didn't know what it was
next thing i'm knocked out
and it was because
some guy i didn't know
up on the thirty somethin' floor
he was havin' a bad day
couldn't stand it anymore


now it seems i broke his fall
ended up he broke my back
tell me was this guy drinkin'
tell me was he smokin' crack
now thats a sorry son of a bitch
couldn't do it if he tried
but he's the one that lived
and i'm the one that died

hear he's make silly sounds
with his finger and his lips
some looney landed on me
they spread my ashes off a ship
they spread my ashes off a ship
cuz there was nothin' left to steal
every since i kissed the sidewalk
sure he never missed a meal

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