Lyrics to Lucky Star
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Woke up just the other day fell out of bed and my dog ran away car won't start and the weather was cold and gray I got stuck in a traffic jam My major meeting didn't go as I planned looks like it's gonna be another one of those days (chorus) I got a roof over my head someone to love me in a 4 poster bed and I can play this here guitar and Thank my lucky stars Politicians speak and it makes me ill People are dying just for a thrill maybe it's just evolution gone astray The climate's too hot, music's gotten cold I'm living like a health nut but I still grow old you do what you can on the edge of the Milky Way (chorus) gonna thank my lucky stars wrapped up in the problems of the day just remember there's no rewind and no replay so don't you worry cause it ain't gonna fix a thing (harp) Woke up just the other day Thought that maybe I'd be ok Cause the story I'm been getting ain't written anywhere (chorus) gonna thank my lucky stars (chorus) gonna thank my lucky stars Thank you stars

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