Lyrics to Lucky
Lucky Video:
You're born with an outline
It's your way to ink it in
Looks like the crimson king
Pushed it to the brink again
While you're ship sets sail
You row with broken oars
Two thousand... what ever
No room for closing open doors
I hoped you hoped for more
But that heart went cold
Blame it on the weather
Remember when we wanted something
Better, ah- whatever
It's a new year
And thank god that you're here
I know the wings are getting heavy
I wrote this in the womb and
I carved it in the moon
As real as it could ever get
I feel like I could sleep 'til June
You're so plugged in
But so out of tune
Time to change the station
Better yet change their shape
Stacked like sardines
In a sacked city scape
But here we are tonight
We are the lights we are the bright escape
Plan, Minnesota
Cold sholders where I come from
Young solider on his own
Bang a big drum
I'm nothing like a phenomenon
It's the same two step
I press on and on
Young, lucky that I'm still alive
I should have died
I should have been the one
I hope I see you on the other side
Soon as I saw them lights
I thought a flight
And tonight I'll grab hold
And dig the cleats into my life
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