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[feat. Brisco, Mack Maine, Bow Wow, Lil Twist, Cory Gunz & Tyga]

[Chorus: Tyga]
Uhh, Rain snow, get my hustle on
Countin' cash every morning before I leave home
Family I love, don't wanna leave this world alone
And before I leave home, leave home
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know
Before I leave home
I pray to God I won't, loyalty is all I know

Yeah, red ribbon duckin feds til we pass out
Bird cage duck the shine til they let him out
There's more money now and we done flipped the draught
Hella choppers, clip pulled nigga, junior out
G'd up, I took it from the G code
Presidental suites, with this cash flow
Uptown gangsta, viet hustla
Third wall general, Young Cash Money

Before I leave home, I kiss my babies
Hope I return safely, knowin' the odds against me
These devils, they tryin to break me
I'm still loyal, my habits became lavish
Dreams of new endeavours
Pub deals and owning masters
And my home boys, aid to my conditions
I made em all managers, execs and assistants
And most of don't understand, some won't listen
We might fall off, throw fits and get missing
But your still my dawg and my big homie support me
I feel cause I'm the youngest, he expects a little more from me
So I try to stay humble and if you can see my vision
You can see us Cash Money til the motherfucking ending, Brisco

[Chorus: Tyga]

[Mack Maine:]
(YMCMB, baby)
Before I leave home, kiss my girl on the cheek
And then I say a prayer
If looks was bullets I woulda been there from stairs
I bypass the elevator and I took the stairs
Now that hard work got me ridin in Bentleys and Lear's
Homie I am so prepared, on point like infrareds
I live my life so to die, I ain't never scared
And when I drop, I'm not gon flop, I'm no Andre Way
I can't see you haters, guess my vision is impared
My niggas already there, yes we'd got that title
You other rappers losing weight, minus the lipo
Breath of fresh air, pump lung, money catscan
So Cash Money heart bleed, Young Money, one hunny

[Lil' Twist:]
(Twist... Young Money)
Before I leave home, well manner
Nice, respectful young man
Momma taught me well
But Daddy taught me through a jail cell
Raised as a prince, n Young Money then took me in
Made it official, YM young, n CMB, was happening
Yeah, I gotta do it for my hood
See before I stepped off the block I told all them niggas I would
Let's do it for the OC, I put in work on that TV
And step one over a G now put your hands for the lil old me

[Chorus: Tyga]

[Bow Wow:]
Chyeah, stay true to my team
YMCMB a-aka the greatest
Yea, that's why they hate us
Went from layaway to rocking all the latest, fashion
Name a model chick I ain't smashing
New cars for all my homies when I bring that cash in
Never had my father in my life, he was a dead beat
Moms worked two jobs and keep Jordans on my feet
Now that I'm on, they set the worry bout
I bought my momma a mansion, and moved the damn south
And watcha talking bout
Got my Bugatti on the way Stunna
Money coming in fast like the road walk, back

[Cory Gunz:]
Whistle for my family, my label and my set
It's Young Money til my day the death, tell the rest take a rest
Thoroughbreded and blessed, my grime stressed
Sometimes get never the less, young n shining with the best
I promised my momma one day I'll be a rhymer, she left
But I love her so much it's like she never took a step
Reality showed me them colors that some of us could'nt
Look at you now that we all thought some of us wouldn't
He said he gettin dough right, ready jetty for pole lights
Petty better than to roll dice, some cold nights
They getting us no life, but I'm here now
And we here like, something, nothing compare life
CMB, I'm privilaged in this legacy that's real life
My brothers keep up, protect me from my friends Lord
My enemies'll bleed ya, choking on anaestesia
Throw my signs high, recognize world wide, world wide
I'm in it to get whatever it cost me, it's too noisey...
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