Low Down Ramblin' Blues Lyrics

Chris Knight

Little Victories

Lyrics to Low Down Ramblin' Blues
Low Down Ramblin' Blues Video:
Livin' on the road
Livin' into miles
Weather gets cold
You head down south

Head down south
You work a month or so
Stay drunk for a while
'til the money runs low

Laid down with the dogs
You woke up with fleas
Your mama tried to tell you
You didn't pay no heat

You didn't pay no heat
You can do it all back then
You would never gonna get old
You would never gonna give in

You ain't never gonna walk that line
Don't care if the sun don't shine
Don't care if you ain't got a dime
Gonna do what you wanna do

Move on to another town
Burn all those bridges down
The only thing you keep around
Is the low down ramblin' blues

You don't stay around too long
You won't get stuck
She was good to you
It wasn't good enough

She wasn't good enough
You threw her away
You took up with the road
That's all you wanted anyway

Repeat Chorus

You want to party all night
Want party til you die
But you party til you wake up
Break down and cry

You break and cry
That's what do
'Cause your sorry life
Is catchin up with you

Repeat Chorus

low down, low down ramblin' blues
low down. low down ramblin' blues
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