Lyrics to Lovin' You
Lovin' You Video:
[Intro: Inspectah Deck] What is love? Love is love What is love? (Loving you) [Inspectah Deck] Yo, examinin her hour-glass frame Exotic name, passion, splashin the fly fashions On the 2 train, words soothin her brain There's the cue, cross the platform, she 'bout to exchange She wooed slowly in plannin a kiss And in the same motion, bounced off with the switch Couldn't let here go, before the train pulled off She gave me a look that described my thoughts And I was hypnotized by her ebony eyes She wised to my scheme, made her temperature rise Hours later, still zonin off the moment Happened so fast, it's over with And now you're gone, like the same short time But stay so heavy on my mind, I'm... "Loving you" [La The Darkman] Yo, I met a bad chick, model actress Soft as a mattress, said she was catholic Physically attractive, earth-toned skin Thick but thin, looked like she just came off an island Rolled in Porsches, lady was gorgeous I'm tryin to ram bar down her mental fortress Loved my name, La song, how'd you like to have my 4th born? I'm the God, I'll be your umbrella in a storm We can smoke, parlay, see a ghetto matinee Don't worry about me, young thug, cuz I'll stay... "Loving you" [Inspectah Deck] Dana was a girl I knew, she was true Twist L's with the crew, bust the gat too Had the stash labbed for when the jake rushed 'nuff head to grab, razors in bags Lettin me rest my head, wild fugitive Acceptin all collect calls throughout the bid Like a big sister, I've got major love She waved my hair, plus hold a gun in the glove While you girls move like slippery eels You the diamond in the rough that been keepin it real That's why you're closer to me than most I roll with Smoked bones, rolled dice and made dough with And now you're gone like the same short time But stay so heavy on my mind, I'm... "Loving you" (x2)

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