Lyrics to Lovin Kind
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Lit a candle and ISet it on the wallLet the wax like teardrops fallAnd then I wonder whyI used to dream on babyDream that we could have it allI see now love for youWas what you had to doYou change your mindLike you change your dressI thought I knoew you everywaySaw the child, the woman plain as dayI thought I knew myselfBut now I come to findLove is blind and I'm the lovin' kindBought a diamond and ISet it on your handIntroduced you to the bandAnd now I hear them sayYou've been a bad girl babyYou don't seem to understandJust for the social whirlYou play the party girlNow drink your wineOh baby time to forgetYou made a game of loveWhat were you thinkin' ofIt takes a heartbeat babyTo say goodbye

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