Lyrics to Lovers
Lovers Video:
See you everyday on the train
Be all to yourself
Read your paper, your book
That's cool though
I'mma ask you what's your honeycode

On my way to work,
We take the same train
Everyday I see ya
She never sits down
Shawty holds the poem
With one hand, greeting the deli news
Been this to each day, nice shoes
I play it off like I don't know this
Oblivious to all, so I fix this shit here
Of course, God bless you, thank you
Daydreaming, how I love to spank you
Finally I come, Jacqueline
Attraction on my part?
Most definitely!
Trended black sweat back and forth
This one lock in eyes, now she needs to stop
I'm at a loss for girls, vision in my dome
Aphrodite, stock comes, I move slightly
Just before she exit
Have a good day
In the back of my mind, I'm sure, really
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