Lyrics to Lovers
Lovers Video:
I'm on your floor you're shoe-laced around me,
I sing a song and you nod while you're calling a friend of yours,
don't really care but never mind me I'll be staying here on your floor
When we broke up you kissed me lovely, you said something about something forever,
your special friend was nowhere to be seen, I guess I always saw what I wanted to see I'm a fool.

When we're loving forever they love you until they're done,
when they love you forever they love you until they're done.

In the snow where they all left me said
“there's nothing wrong about being sceptic about life you know,
but don't go down for some stupid girl who's never done something right”
Because when she loves you forever she loves you until she's done. I want to hate you so bad.
There's no such thing as staying friends there's no such thing as starting again,
what is dead is dead it will never come back,
without the scars we left on each others chests.

When we're loving forever we're lying to ourselves.
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