Lyrics to Lovely Lady
Lovely Lady Video:
Lovely lady
Never shady
Running up the mountain side
Purple brocade
Woolen top coat
She cast away her useless pride
On her own
Her soul has grown
To bring about her peace of mind
In her hand
A lovely land
To help her look and search and find
Swirling forms of tantric art
Are filling out her schedule planned
And she's without a man

Woman blonde
Climbing on
To reach a level in her heart
It's the same
Without a name
You're doing fine with a running start
In the door
You'll work some more
You're finding where it's at for sure
Every other day
It will pay
You'll love to live and be the way
You feel the start of day

You'll be sad
It won't be bad
But you can get away from that
Crystal facet
Not an asset
You have your friend the jet black cat
He will follow
Crying hollow
Scratch his head and stroke his ear
He will bring you in your love now
Ever close and ever near
And you will feel no fear

I am glad
It's now a fad
But there are some who won't go on
Full expression
No suppression
But she is strong
The woman blond
Lovely lady
Never shady
Running o'er volcanic land
Make your curry
Never worry
It is settled in your plan
And you will find your man
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