Lyrics to Love While You Can
Love While You Can Video:
We're none of us getting any younger
You can feel the time go by
And maybe we can't lose our hurt and anger
But God damn it all, let's try

We planned a better day
But planets turn one way
So though it seems unlike me,
girls, this is what I say

Love wherever and whenever
And however you should
Yes marriage is a bastard
But love is always good

It's nothing you prepare for
It's nothing that you plan
So love when this world lets you
Love while you can

Our love belongs to everyone who loves us
So it's not just you and me
And we both know love doesn't make us perfect
It just makes us want to be

If what we had before
Is broken on the floor
We can see the way the pieces work,
and make it something more

And love wherever and whenever
And however we feel
Let anger clean the cut out
Let love help us heal
It's not the love we dreamed of
Back when we began
But love if your heart lets you
Love while you can

I believe our fate will find us
I believe that we get but one true love
I believe in seeing signs,
and I believe and trust the starts above
And I thought you believed in me
That deep down we were meant to be
I try to let that go

But I can't let you go

When these feelings flow

[Kate & Anne:]
I still love you so

[Kate, Anne & Ensemble:]
So love wherever and whenever
And however love lives

It's fear that hides the heart away
It's love that forgives

It wasn't that we dreamed of
It wasn't in the plan

[Kate & Anne:]
But love the way love finds you

Love while you can

Love and keep on living
When the shit hits the fan

Love and be forgiving

Oh, my Kate

My Anne

[Kate & Anne:]
Love while this world lets you
Love while you can
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