Lyrics to Love Time
Love Time Video:
Devil: There is a boulevard
Where lonely people go
When all their dreams have withered and died
This is the place they go

They bring their broken hearts
Hearts that will never mend
They come here for they know
There's nowhere else to go
This really is the end

[Tap dancers make an appearance.]

Along the boulevard
Think of the tears they've shed
They've nothing left to lose
They'll always have the blues
They might as well be dead

[Girl standing on a bridge, looking to jump. She jumps.
Then she enters a little love-land, a little damp. She sees some other girls are there already.]

Girl: I never felt this way before
I don't know what to do
You girls look like you know the score
That's why I'm asking you
When he whispers sweet words in my ear
Tell me what I long to hear
Will he try to steal a kiss or two?

Existing Girls: Oh he'll do more than that I'm telling you
First he'll kiss your dainty finger tips
And then he'll kiss your ruby lips
Then he'll plant one right on your wazoo
You won't know if the sky is green or blue
You won't know if the sky is green or blue

Devil (entering with a top hat): It's love time, whoa baby, it's love time
You drive me crazy
I'd walk a mile just for a smile from you
Dance with me

It's love time let me put my arms around you
Honey I'm so glad I found you

[The Devil exposes himself to the audience.]
Just take a look at this
Oh, I 'm so excited

Lets spoon a little, croon a little
Moon a little, Tune a little
Pretty soon, in a little while
I'll be all over you

It's love time

Here we are, we're all alone
Lock the door, unplug the phone
Get into bed, we'll turn out the lights
And say goodnight, goodnight
Say goodnight

It's love time
Little honey, it's love time
The days are sunny
What could I do, I'm so in love with you
Say goodnight

(Growling and commotion)
Girl: What's the matter?
D: Just tired I guess

Love time
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