Lyrics to Love
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In 1985, me and Michelle - we used to sit on the steps



The bigger kids playground

They played football,

British Bulldog

We held hands until the bell went

But that's as far as I remember


One September

Maybe 7, 8

I arrived a little late

To my first day at my new school

I thought I was really cool!

But how happily children hate

Soon I didn't feel so great

Didn't take 2 seconds, of the lesson, to berate

My magic jumper

It said magic on it

Might as well have said tragic on it

I declared my love for little Debbie

And the children laughed en masse

Teacher had to calm the class

Later find me on the grass

Underneath some giant kid called Jonathan's ass

Sunday grief and mass

Wishing for washing machines

Scenes were many

I was very - shall I say passionate?

That might be pushing it

Honestly - more of a show off -

Desperately wanting to go off with Ellie -

Have many adventures, like in them books

I offered to lend her

Anne Of Green Gables gave me the wrong idea -

Girls just weren't like that

And I couldn't find her

Louisa Alcott got me building castles in the clouds

And I'd have tussles with the crowds

Because my shirts were loud

Because my hair as long

Because I bleached it blonde


All I ever really wanted was to have somebody say

That I was all they ever wanted in this world and that was


I wore my heart upon my sleeve

In such a way you wouldn't believe

Beneath those velvet skies at night

I might be trite

I might be


Despite the spite I didn't pander

To them twats in Lower Bangor

Still looked like some Western Manga

Joined the drama club -

Miranda I met there and most couldn't stand her

She had long hair, eyes like a Panda

Miranda rhymed best with ?veranda?

But we never found one to stand her

Up on top of

And I rang her

Every night for, like, 3 months

And people took the piss


We were in love - the most love!

Walked around Anglesey mountains hand in hand

Miranda, me, and man -

Rwanda was as real to us a as Santa Claus

Because we was just kids in love

14 and a little bit -

Miranda's stand a little bit above me

It to I had to hand her -

After six months, I couldn't stand her


And I was bored

So Miranda I ignored

I stayed in bed and there I planned to

Do away with my Miranda

No more rhyming with veranda

I'm an island - here's my sand

I can't keep track of all the grains -

And if it rains, I can't swear that I'll stay the same, Miranda

But it's still the same, Miranda

I might have got a little blander

A little closer now to flanders

But in the grander scheme of things, Miranda

There aren't queens and kings

There's only matter, Miranda

And it doesn't really matter...


All I ever really thought I wanted

Apart from when I got it

Then I'd plunder stuff

And wonder if I really was in love

You're not supposed to fake it -

You're supposed to make it

Hit the post and break it

When it's time to take it, naked,

Baby I know love!

It's in the movies, songs and books

But if we move these songs and look

There's nothing in the way

And you can find something to say but...

All I ever really wanted was to have somebody say

That I was all they ever wanted

In this word

And that



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